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How Yoga & Reiki Helped me go through Covid

How Yoga and Reiki helped me when I got Covid.

1- I did not panick.

2- I welcomed my new state with mindfulness

3- I scanned my body often to make sure I was not developing issues

4- When I could only stay in bed I did a mix of breathing exercises (pranayama) visualisation and meditation

5- When I started to feel a bit better, I restarted my full Reiki self-treatment > it felt magic

6- As soon as I could walk, I took short walks with my son (fever was much lower when we were having fresh air staying in bed or indoor all day is actually harmful)

7- Days when I had surges of energy (tx to Reiki) I did a bit of Pilates & Yoga outdoor

8- At first I fasted as I didn’t want to “feed the beast” but eventually forced myself to eat so I could stand on my feet again and go outdoor

really: oxygen & exercise is key

9- While I did not understand why the Universe was putting me through this at that time (WTF! I had so many requests from new clients at that time!!!), I trust the Universe has its own logic and I don’t have to understand everything now

10- I was just grateful I had access to hot shower, a roof, food, an “oximeter” and a devoted doctor who really cared and put my husband on medication at the right time

Grateful for tools such as yoga and Reiki that helped me relax and heal perfectly


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