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The Usui System, a pledge of ethics and conscientiousness

My Lineage

The Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, or Usui System of Natural Healing
dates back to its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui.

Lignée Reiki Marion Anne Monce Piekarec Lineage 4.jpg

From Mikao Usui
to Nita Mocanu

While I was initiated in 2017 to Reiki I by Marie-Rose Poujardieu and to Reiki II by Sabrina Abed, I was trained and initiated to Reiki III and IV (Reiki Master Teacher) by Nita Mocanu, their very own Master.

photo moi et Nita reiki.JPG

Nita Mocanu

      Nita Mocanu teaches all levels of Reiki - including Reiki Master and Reiki Karuna® - and works hard to bring Reiki to the world. His teaching is based on the Usui System of Natural Healing.

    After having checked, experimented and practiced them, he added certain techniques which proved to be effective and perfectly compatible.

    Considering that one never stops learning, he continues to study, receive or exchange initiations with other Masters. Thanks to this, his Usui lineage is multiple.

    Nita achieved Mastery in a dozen Reiki Systems, but decided to teach only Usui / Tibet Reiki, Usui Teate / Gendai Reiki Ho and Reiki Karuna ®.

  Despite his deep respect for tradition as well as for the teaching of other Reiki Masters and Schools, Nita Mocanu has chosen to be independent.

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