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Life Coaching programs

Stress Management

Discover the tools to be happy and zen in times of crisis and uncertainty

Branding, Mark. and Com. Consulting

I help CEOs and Managers connect to their true essence and translate it into branding and sales.

Strength & Immunity

Learn the best ways to boost your immunity and resilience.

Highly Sensitive & Happy

Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Empath. Learn to use your hypersensitivity as a gift for yourself and others.

Boost Your Vitality

Learn to manage physical pain and chronic fatigue associated with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia

Find your Purpose and Rise

Resilience and Success come easier when you have a purpose. Learn how to find your purpose and rise above your limitations to reach success.

Secrets for Success

Define your own definition of success and learn ways to reach it.

Peaceful Relationships

Learn to build peaceful relationships with your family members, your spouse, your friends, your colleagues, with strangers and with yourself!

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