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Elanda Yoga

“If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent.

If you seek love, be yourself.”

- Becca Lee

Gentle Yoga

After studying with Terri-Lynn McFadyen (Pilates), Dr Jacqueline Koay (Yoga), Sabrina Abed (Reiki II) and Nita Mocanu (Reiki III & IV which is the Master Level), I acquired the certificates allowing me to teach Pilates, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, as well as practice & teach Reiki.


I have been highly inspired as well by Bernie Clark's teachings (, Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet's (, and Ridha Lhiba's (, among maybe others. I consider myself an eternal student as I am passionate about learning new things everyday.


Today I favor the teaching of gentle, benevolent and conscientious yoga, through Hatha Yoga sometimes tinged with Qi Gong , Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga as well as Chair Yoga.


I strive to get my students to be themselves, to listen to their body and soul, and to take home what they have felt, learned, and experienced on the mat: an ability to be stronger or to let go, a connection to themselves, or just a more intense experience of mindfulness.


The practice includes breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and slow, gentle and deep movements that promote the flow of vital energy and open up to a new world of possibilities.

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Reiki, Yin & Restaurative Yoga

Yin Yoga is a type of yoga where one is invited to maintain postures (asana) on the ground between 1 to 5 minutes, allowing the stretching of connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments), the release of tensions and blockages in the body and mind, and the discovery of the magic power of surrender.


Restorative Yoga is an infinitely gentle form of yoga that helps "restore" and harmonize the body, especially the nervous system, to promote deep physical and mental recovery. It is the ultimate "anti-performance" and self-care Yoga "par excellence": You are only invited to enjoy a moment of deep relaxation and silence, for yourself and with yourself.

Meditation is a mental practice which generally consists of a focus on a certain object, at the level of thought, emotions, breathing, body. This practice may seek to produce progressive calming of the mind, simple relaxation, or a modified state of consciousness. Advances in neuroscience have shown that meditation profoundly changes the structure and function of the brain. And the benefits of meditation are countless: Better concentration. Better pain management. Reduction of stress, anxiety and negative thoughts Reduced heart rate and high blood pressure. Anti-inflammatory virtues. Increase in life expectancy. I teach meditation accessible to all. The benefits are felt very quickly.


"I have tried so many yoga classes in so many different places without ever finding my peace until I met Marion.

She is the kindest, most generous person I have met. Her smile lits the room and she literally radiates positive energy. She is attentive and dedicated, and always strives to encourage you. She has helped me find my balance and my inner strength.

I am so grateful to her and have been looking forward to my yoga sessions ever since.

Thank you!"

Chiraz S., Monaco

"A big thank you to Marion who in 4 months put me back on track after two back surgeries (herniated discs). Thanks to Yoga & Pilates postures and Marion’s personalized trainings, I was able to regain flexibility of the spine, better balance & strength in general and I am now almost pain-free ! Thank you for given me the attention & help I needed."

Igor A., Monaco

"Marion is a great coach! When I was living in Cap d’Ail, Marion helped me to stay fit, relaxed and happy – she was always in a good mood ! She also gave private sessions to my 25 years old daughter and managed to create a spark. When my daughter returned home to Denmark, she started to practice sport on a regular basis and lost 40 kilos in one year! That’s just wonderful."

Heli. L., Denmark

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