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Choose compassion

"Imagine you are walking in the woods

and you see a small dog sitting by a

tree. As you approach it, it suddenly

lunges at you, teeth bared. You are

frightened and angry. But then you

notice that one of its legs is caught in

a trap. Immediately your mood shifts

from anger to concern: You see that

the dog's aggression is coming from a

place of vulnerability and pain. This

applies to all of us. When we behave in

hurtful ways, it is because we are

caught in some kind of trap. The more

we look through the eyes of wisdom at

ourselves and one another, the more

we cultivate a compassionate heart."

Tara Brach

Don’t take things personally. Look beyond the first degree of perception. Avoid being judgmental. Practice empathy, compassion. It will open space for both of you to heal.

This is useful when your wife is PMSing (she’s suffering), when your teenage child is screaming (he/she’s suffering), when your partner can’t smile at you because he/she had a bad day at work (he/she’s suffering), and so many other occurrences… Choose love

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