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Your ego has an important role to play

In the « spiritual world », the ego is often considered as something that needs to be suppressed or silenced.

It is to forget that as human beings endowed of a physical body, the ego has a role to play. And sometimes you need to heal your ego in order to access your heart or a higher conscience. Christophe André is a strong advocate of this idea. I am also.

If we do not live in a mountain cave or at the foot of a tree, we need our ego -and a healthy ego to protect our « self ».

A healthy ego will allow yourself to have enough self-love to expose yourself in selfies or swimsuit videos, once in a while (not everyday though).

More importantly :

A healthy ego will also make sure that you don’t end up and stay in an abusive relationship.

The ego will then say “Run! Run for your life!”

That’s one of the reason why the role of the ego should not be dismissed.

Don’t be narcissistic but love yourself so unconditionally that it allows you to love others with unconditional love as well- while respecting your boundaries and your integrity.

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