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Visit from Heaven -A Life-changing Book

Among the life-changing books I have read in my life, Alicia Young’s « Visit from Heaven » is now the most precious one.

In this book, Alicia Young recounts a transformative out-of-body experience in which she was visited by the spirit of an unborn child, « Bobby ».

« Bobby » then lead her to « the other side », where she discovers that souls are actually not only reviewing their past life but also « planning » their next life…

While I had myself out-of-body experiences, I never visited « the other side » and had never thought we could be planning our life on earth. I always considered that challenges were imposed on us to make us learn and grow spiritually.

So this new perspective got me thinking a lot, about my own life, the life of my family members, friends, clients… and while I was already convinced our souls were not just passing by on earth and were never to die, this new perspective brought me even more comfort and ease regarding my suffering and the suffering of loved ones and people in general.

I’m learning. They’re learning. We’re all here to learn and grow, and always and again, go back to love, the energy of love -that energy that is the link between our earthly life and « The Other Side », where there is only love reigning.

If you have lost a loved one or have a fear of death that prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest, follow Bobby and Alicia… they will show you the way to peace, wisdom and happiness.

To listen to Alicia:

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