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Reiki healing by Marion!

"Even before the Reiki session starts, we are greeted by a relaxing and spiritual atmosphere : candles, music and nice smell… Then Marion starts by placing her hands on my head, where there are still too many thoughts going on… but slowly the warm energy coming through Marion’s hands makes my mind quiet and I start to feel the flow of energy from her hands inside my head. I feel each vibration from her hands like the waves of water on the sea. Then she goes on all chakras, joints or organs, depending on where she feels the Reiki energy is needed. She stays a long time on my neck and shoulders where I have the most tension, and slowly, the tension disappears. My shoulders feel lighter. Then my entire body relaxes and my mind becomes quiet. I am in the present moment. Nothing touches me anymore : the problems of the past or the worries of the future. I only feel harmony, energy and a clear understanding of the environment… I feel different. I highly recommend Marion’s Reiki healing!"

Viktoria Vysochyn, Monaco


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