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The power of vulnerability

I must confess I’m not good with showing myself vulnerable.

I am afraid that if I do so, I will discredit myself as a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner.

Are people ready to hear that a healer needs care sometimes?

The answer, of course, is yes.

Instagram in fact has been surfing on the vulnerability trend for a while now.

It’s trendy to show yourself having depression, struggling with trauma, injuries, handicaps, illnesses…

It’s trendy because it gives a (controlled) taste of authenticity in this « fake world » of appearances.

It’s trendy because it gives the opportunity to show that vulnerability can be transmuted into strength, wisdom & love… and as Brené Brown puts it, vulnerability is, in truth, « our most accurate measure of courage. »

So, in my next posts, I will try to be brave and show my real authentic vulnerable self.

Not to be trendy.

But to face myself and show myself as I really am : just another human being embracing life challenges, learning its lessons. Humbly.

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