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How many Reiki sessions are needed?

What do I say to a client who asks me how many sessions are needed in order to feel better?

The same way every person is unique and their problem, issue, illness, trauma is unique, the same way the answer or solution will be unique.

Some people will come and in one or two sessions, they will get rid of all the toxicity they have accumulated for years. Or the trauma they were holding on for years. These people were open and ready to let go and heal.

Some need way more time, even if they are fully committed and motivated. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. It just means that they will need more time and patience but that the reward will be even more amazing.

Other people come and request a "quick fix" to a certain problem, usually the symptoms of a much deeper issue. If they are ready to dig deep it will mean come for intensive and regular sessions. To work on the root cause of the problem, not only the symptoms.

If they aren't, they will never come back, return to their life as usual and replace their blinders on their eyes and the carpet on their problem so that nobody would see it. At some point, they may stumble on the bump of the carpet though if it had grown too high. The fall can then be more painful.

In any case, the person needs to be fully active, open and ready to do the work and fully participate in the healing process: that may mean changing habits & first of all deciding that they want to heal. It all starts with a decision:

Do I want to be happy? Or happier?

Do I want to be healthy? Or healthier?

If the answer is a BIG YES.

Then Reiki will be effective.

As I like to remind my clients : Reiki basically sets the ground & conditions for healing, but healing itself comes from the person who receives Reiki, that's why we say that Reiki triggers or induces the state in which "self-healing" is possible.

A beautiful way to remind us all of our responsability and own capacity for self-healing.

Photo ©Marion Monce ElandaLife 2022


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