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From Highly Sensitive to Reiki Mastering

**January 13th is National High Sensitivity Day in France**

High Sensitivity is not a disorder but a recognized personality trait in which the nervous system and senses are more sensitive than usual (to noise, light, smells, fabrics, textures, crowds, food, touch, injustice, energy, vibes...) Highly sensitive people usually react strongly to stimuli and can pick up on emotions quickly and easily. They often have highly developed empathic capabilities. Lots of artists and celebrities are or were highly sensitive empaths:

Notably, Einstein, Tchekov, Mozart, Ganghi, Mandela, Princess Diana, Van Gogh, Baudelaire, Elton John, Jane Goodall, Joaquin Phoenix, Antony Hopkins, John Lennon, Marianne Williamson, among many more... Actually, we estimate that 15-20% of the population could be highly sensitive. I was born a highly sensitive empath and suffered from that condition almost all my life. Until I developed tools to transform what I considered as a curse... into a blessing.

Today, my hypersensitivity and empathy help me in my job as a Life Coach and Reiki Practionner. You can have the theory or the technique, but if you last the intuition & the heart, you are just an empty shell. If you think you are a highly sensitive empath and are suffering from it, I can help.

DM to book a private session.


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