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Becoming a Reiki Master

From now on: « Call me Master »

Of course I’m kidding. The only person we call Master or Sensei in Reiki is Mikao USUI the person who conceived the Reiki System.

Otherwise, we are invited to let go of our ego

When we are initiated as Reiki Master, it just means that we’ve reached the Level 4 of training and initiation, which allows us to teach, train and initiate other people, but we also know it is not the end of a process but the beginning of a new chapter.

Personally, it motivates me to make even more efforts to live up to the ethics of Reiki and life in general.

It is not a pressure as I was already working on myself. It is more like a tap on the shoulder saying « keep on the good work »...

I am proud I made the choice to follow my path and to live purposefully but I stay humble and the more I know the more I am aware of what I have to learn.

Yet, I am so happy to share the Reiki light and energy with you

DM to book a Reiki session with me

Photo @skyourt_ ©️ElandaLife


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