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Valentine's Day: Awaken the energy of your couple with Reiki

Reiki for couples is a deeply effective way to deepen romantic relationships.

The pure relaxation of a Reiki session facilitates harmony and communication. Couples Reiki strengthens an already stable connection, but it can also rekindle the spark. By addressing the healing needs of each individual, as well as those of the relationship, the Combined Session (4rth Formula) offers a deeper level of healing.

• Reiki enhances the body's natural healing abilities for each individual – and healing is often accompanied by understanding and acceptance. Individuals and couples frequently report a renewed and fresh perspective after a Reiki session.

• Reiki allows emotional blockages to come to the surface, to be recognized and released. The peaceful moments following a Reiki session encourage calm and loving discussion, even of difficult emotional issues, which brings additional healing to the relationship and to individuals.

• Combined Reiki sessions are a great way to reconnect and bond on a deep, spiritual level. Sharing the experience with a beloved partner, family member, or significant other can create a new understanding of each other and of the relationship itself.

• As the Reiki session moves individuals and their relationship toward balance and well-being, meaningful communication and harmony is enhanced and deepened, providing a foundation for ongoing healing.

4 Formulas:

1st Formula:

Offer a trial session or a pack of 4 sessions (including 1 free session) to your other half - or to yourself! (Note: Trial sessions are €55 instead of €111 in February)

2nd Formula:

Give both of you individual trial sessions (recommended formula to get you on the same wavelength) 111€ instead of 222€

3rd Formula:

Treat yourself with a Couple Reiki session to do together (180€ instead of 222€) (duration 2 hours)

4th formula (optimal!):

Give both of you individual Reiki sessions + a Couple Reiki session: 290€ instead of 444€

To book you sessions:


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